Wilson Printing Will Create Powerful Marketing Posters That Put You Ahead Of The Competition

Posters are a key tool in most marketing and promotional campaigns. They are extremely powerful and effective in conveying just the right message, tone and feel you are seeking. While the content and graphic design of your posters is tremendously important, printing and finishing is just as key.

Size is Everything

The most important decision you’ll need to make is the size of your poster. Posters are generally viewed from a short distance and must be large enough to be read easily. At the same time, you’ll have to keep in mind the size and space available where you intend to hang them.

Printing and Graphics

For over a century, posters have been one of the most beloved and utilized methods for promoting a certain message or event. Many, including vintage movie posters, have become invaluable collectors items. Posters can range from a simple one-color print on white paper to a wildly vibrant multi-colored graphic design. Your only limit is your imagination.

Paper Choices

Posters can be produced on a wide variety of papers and substrates. While most are printed on a simple gloss white paper stock, that certainly isn’t your only option. For example, you can choose a dull or matte stock, the contrast of which adds to the vibrancy and color of your print. You can also choose a rigid material such as card stock if your needs require, such as mounting in wall frames or on easels. Or for added finishing options, you can stick with the tried and true paper stock. Paper stocks make it easier to fold, roll, mail or distribute your posters.

Graphic Design

With the large print area and personal feel posters provide, you should take great care in the design and layout of your poster. You’ll want to make sure any images you choose to include can be blown up to poster size without losing any of their sharp detail, or worse, becoming blurry or pixilated. Engaging the viewer is also a key component. Colorfully vibrant graphics have the magical ability to reach out and grab the interest of viewer just long enough to convey your desired message. The longer your poster can hold the viewer’s attention, the longer they will remember your message.


Posters have many valuable uses. Not only are they used as wall-mounted advertisements, they can also be utilized as a promotional tool. For decades, brands, corporations, athletes and movie stars have used posters as a keepsake give-away item. While the value of grabbing a viewer’s attention for a few seconds and quickly conveying your message is great, the value of having the viewer take your poster home and mounting it in a spot where they will see it dozens of times a day is priceless.

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